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About FeNoCe-PNC

About the Felicia Noronha Centre for Promoting Nursing as a Career

On this site (click on the tabs on the left, to reach the information you want):

  • Nursing education in Goa (options available)
  • More about St Martha's in Bangalore
  • St John's Nursing in Bangalore
  • Nursing jobs
  • Education in nursing
  • Nursing as a career
  • Home nursing in Goa (ISEAF)
  • International nure migration
  • CFGNS, etc
  • Books on nursing
  • News for nursing

 Felicia Noronha

[Training, in Bangalore] 

Felicia Noronha (1932-2008) was a Goan-origin nurse and matron. She trained at St. Martha's Hospital in Bangalore and worked in three continents. She was at at Bombay Hospital (under the prominent doctors Purandre and Shirodkar, in the 1950s), Nakasero Hospital (Uganda), Hospital dos Estrangeiros (Rio de Janeiro), and then also at Asilo (Mapusa) and Vaidya Hospital (Panjim).

Felicia Noronha

 Felicia Noronha

[Training, in Bangalore, St Martha's]

Felicia Noronha
 [In centre, in uniform. With family, including late brother Gerry (second from right), 1930-December 2007.]


Felicia Noronha

 [After midwifry, Lady Curzon's Bangalore. Early 1950s.]

When she returned to Goa in the mid-Sixties, she did her bit to promote nursing as a career in Saligao (the village that became home) and beyond. She suggested to a few young ladies in the village of Saligao to take to nursing. Soon, one inspired the other. In a short while, half-a-dozen girls of the time became committed nurses through Felicia's alma mater, St. Martha's in Bangalore, an institute she was always proud of.

When she was ill in 2008, it was a nurse trained at St Martha's who (along with others) tended to her.

As a tribute to her, this website is being created. Our goal is to help share information with young women (and men) who might want to take to nursing as a career. The special focus is on Goa, but it is not restricted by geography. This venture is being launched and maintained by her family in Saligao (Goa, India) and elsewhere.

We see this as a way of paying a tribute to Felicia and also simultaneously helping others take on a noble career. One that could give them fulfilment in their lives as well as the opportunity help to serve reduce the suffering of humanity. -- From the Noronha family of Saligao, Goa (India)

Felicia Noronha

[Off-duty. With sister Natty Rodrigues (second from left), brother-in-law Marshall Rodrigues, nephew Milton, and husband Tony 'Brazileiro' Noronha (extreme right), in younger times. Africa, late 1950s.]

Felicia Noronha

[In Bombay, 1950s, probably at the Hanging Gardens, then a popular outing haunt.]

Felicia Noronha

[With sister Natty Rodrigues (right) and nephew, Milton Rodrigues. Africa, late 1950s.]

Felicia Noronha

[After the day's work. With sister Natty Rodrigues (extreme right), and friends. On the terrace of the then-new Bombay Hospital, in downtown Bombay, 1950s.]

 Felicia Noronha

 [Schooltimes. Felicia (seated, right) with sister Natty Rodrigues, and brother late AGE/Gerry Coutinho. This photo is probably from Hubli or Belgaum, where the family schooled and lived, after the early demise of their parents, Luis David Coutinho and Joquina Claudina D'Souza. Their father worked with the Indian Railways.]

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